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With all my teaching my goal is to empower students to think for themselves while grounding them in standard practices of the sociology. I want to be accessible, fair, and helpful to all my students. I actively seek professional development opportunities to ensure I am equipped to teach equitably. 

UNC-Chapel Hill Sociology Department, Graduate Instructor

Race, Class, and Gender (Spring 2022)

  • Designed a syllabus with relevant but also historically grounded readings showing current manifestations of racism, classism, and sexism
  • Integrated perspectives usually underrepresented in sociology such as indigenous conceptions of race and non-binary conceptions of gender

Excerpted Anonymous Student Feedback

  • “Professor Davenport is one of the most intelligent and thoughtful professors I have ever had. She cares so much about choosing good material for the class to read and discuss, and she makes every class person extremely engaging. I am always excited to come to this class, and I look up to how Professor Davenport always makes sure all voiced are heard and she challenges us to think deeply about the subjects material.”
  • “The exam questions and assignments helped me be a better student and person.”

Social Interaction (Fall 2021)

  • Revamped course after it had not been offered in several years
  • Designed syllabus to match goals of interdisciplinary Management and Society major

Excerpted Anonymous Student Feedback

  • “Professor Davenport is incredibly attentive to students’ needs and open to feedback”
  • “Professor Davenport used an effective structure of assigning readings and discussion questions ahead of each class so that we could prepare to talk about each topic. This worked well to introduce the concepts to us ahead of time so that it was easier to learn more in depth within the class period. Connecting the course concepts to examples both in our own lives and elsewhere in the world was so helpful to facilitate deeper learning of sociology.”

Sex & Gender in Society (Spring 2021)

  • Developed an innovative course plan using VoiceThread technology to have asynchronous discussions
  • Created my own reading list of free resources instead of using a textbook to make the course more equitable
  • Focused on building an intersectional approach into all teaching

Excerpted Anonymous Student Feedback

  • “Professor Davenport always checked up on me to make sure my needs were being met in the class and was always ready to prepare supplemental materials and challenges for me when I felt that I needed to be pushed more. She has created a learning environment that feels comfortable and safe, which I believe encouraged and motivated myself and my peers to contribute to class discussions and assignments. I’ve learned a great deal in this class, something I attribute entirely to Professor Davenport.”
  • “I have never learned so much in a course.”

Family & Society (Fall 2020)

  • Incorporated active learning to expand each class session’s content
  • Facilitated creative end-of-course projects
  • Allowed verbal or written final exams to ensure maximum flexibility and universal design

Excerpted Anonymous Student Feedback

  • “Professor Davenport created a space for everyone to speak and I felt like I got to know my classmates. I think that sense of community always makes it easier to learn.”
  • “Professor Davenport did a wonderful job to make learning possible during the Fall 2020 semester. She was by far my most understanding Professor throughout the pandemic and actually made it feel as if she cared about every individual student. Professor Davenport made her self readily available, always responding quickly to emails, and was very quick with grading.”

Sociology of The Labor Force (Summer 2020, Summer 2021, Summer 2022)

  • Enabled students to discover the research process through an interview project and coding practice
  • Prepared and taught the course on short notice while adjusting to changing student circumstances because of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Received professional development training related to teaching online

Excerpted Anonymous Student Feedback

  • “Material was created so that students can reflect and analyze what we learned about this class. Things from this class made me analyze [the] workforce in a broader and in–depth way.”
  • “[Professor Davenport] was a very attentive, intentional, and considerate teacher. Her discussions were very inclusive and thorough, and she was very transparent and clear with class expectations.

Guilford College, Part-time Instructor

  • Taught Introduction to Sociology as an adjunct in Spring 2021 and again in Fall 2021
  • Oriented course goals and content to meet the needs of an interdisciplinary (Sociology and Anthropology) Department at a small liberal arts school
  • Learned a new learning management software (Canvas) and other campus technology systems

Teaching Publications

Davenport, Erin J. 1. “Gender Buffet Socialization Activity.” Class Activity published in TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. Washington DC:  American Sociological Association. (

Davenport, Erin J. 1. “Occupational Licensure Activity.” Class Activity published in TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. Washington DC: American Sociological Association. (

Teaching Certifications

UNC-Chapel Hill Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning

  • Achieved Associate level designation for completing workshops and assignments related to pedagogy
  • Selected to serve on the advisory board for UNC-CH CIRTL
  • Was the first social science student at UNC-CH to achieve the associate level designation

UNC Graduate School

  • Green Zone Training (Student Veterans)
  • Mental Health FIRST AID
  • Safe Zone LGBTQ Training

UNC Summer Institute for College Teaching– Teaching Fellow

Selected Professional Development Workshops Attended:

  • Teaching Sociological Theory (AKD)
  • Trauma-Responsive Teaching (CIRTL)
  • Ethics in the Classroom (UNC-Graduate School)
  • Effective Mentoring (4 session series) (UNC-Graduate School)
  • Instructor Talk: Building Rapport with Students (UNC-Graduate School)
  • Course Development Institute for Graduate Students (UNC-Graduate School)
  • FuSE: Teaching Students How to Learn – Metacognition Workshop (UNC-Graduate School)
  • Queer Classrooms: Leaky, Joyful, Creative (UNC-Graduate School)
  • Learn to use the CREATE method in your classroom (UNC-Graduate School)
  • Remote/Online Teaching Training (UNC-CFE)

UNC-Chapel Hill Sociology Department, Teaching Assistant           

Sociology of Sexualities (Spring 2020)

  • Wrote and assessed student comprehension through chapter quizzes
  • Provided technological support to professor during transition to online teaching (COVID-19)

Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2019)

  • Along with other TAs, managed attendance portal for over two hundred students
  • Provided feedback to students on better study habits

Race & Society (Spring 2019)

  • Provided student feedback on assignments
  • Assisted professor with accommodations for students

Family & Society (Fall 2018)

  • Gave two guest lectures
  • Met with over twenty students in office hours
  • Proctored final exam and handled the majority of grading

UNC-Chapel Hill Sociology Department, Grader

  • Assisted professors in providing feedback to students for three courses
  • Balanced professors’ grading philosophies and rubrics with my own impressions

Davidson College Department of Hispanic Studies, Assistant Teacher (Fall 2017)

  • Equivalent to T.A. role at other institutions
  • Collaborated with assigned professor to design academic enrichment activities
  • Led twice-weekly discussion sessions that aim to increase conversational fluency
  • Coordinated with other ATs to design lesson plans which enhance class curriculum